Thermomix Pretzels
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Pretzels in Thermomix


  • 400 gram milk
  • 15 gram yeast
  • 600 gram flour
  • 500 gram water
  • 3 TBSP baking saoda

Coarse salt or sesame seeds to sprinkle on top.


    • Add milk and yeast in mixing bowl- 2mins/37C/speed1
      Add flour and salt-2mins/30 sec/kneading mode
      Place dough in large bowl and let rise covered in a warm spot.
      Once volume has doubled, form into 10 pretzels.
    • Bring water and baking soda to a boil in a large pot on the stove.
      Preheat oven to 200C/400F.
      Line baking tray with parchment paper.
      Place pretzel on skimmer and submerge into boiling water for 30-60 sec.
      Place and baking sheet and repeat.
      When finished all 10, sprinkle with coarse salt or sesame seeds and Bake 15 minutes until golden.